(Fri) 12/10/21

(NYU) 370 Street - 3rd Floor
Doors at 6:30PM
Show From 7-10PM
(Access to NYU Buildings required for entry)

Streaming online for the public at:


Time Name Description
7:00 Gabriella, Mahika, and Aaron Night at the cinema, your favorite movies and directors - live coded!
7:30 The Hex Girls Retro inspired. Neon and black.
8:00 Retro Blasters (Doodoo and Bosco) Space Invaders meets Megolovania, a gamer's trip down memory lane.
8:30 Anand, Akua, and Jiuqi Portal
9:00 Alan and Quristoff Live coded comedy
9:30 Shiva and Liam Vaporwave


What is this for?

The Live Coding course at IDM - NYU during Fall 2021

What is live coding?

Live coding is the act of manipulating code in real time as an artistic expression and/or performance. This concept is not new and there's a thriving global community already doing and discussing this. You can find more information about this here.

What is an algorave?

An algorave is an event featuring performers using algorithms as part of a performance, like creating sound, visuals, choreography, and more. Live coding is prominent at algoraves.


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